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FEBRUARY 1st-6th


Aside from the beaches, mountains, great food and people who always make one feel welcome, Vallarta has a secret ingredient that may explain why people come back again and again: Ley lines.

Ley lines are invisible lines of energy that connect the earth’s sacred places with each other. They are lines of naturally occurring fields of magnetic force, or mystical veins of power, that run across land or water and lead from one point, or vortex, to the next like thousands of fiber optic streams. They spread out like a spiderweb connecting them in a vast network of pulsing, subtle power that geometrically links holy places worldwide. This attribute has the ability to amplify specific areas of the world. It is said that even people not in tune with ley lines can feel their power, a notion that explains why holy places remain holy – they “feel” sacred

In Puerto Vallarta, locals often comment on the feeling of extreme energy that either pulls you in and accepts you with open arms, causing your life to flow seamlessly with purpose and direction, or it chews you up and spits you back out to where you came from. The common denominator seems to be the individual's ability to maintain personal growth, self awareness and spiritual development.

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casa aventura

Puerto Vallarta, mexico

Casa Aventura is a unique and comfortable Mexican Villa with distinct cupolas, a majestic atrium, traditional Spanish tile and porticos, modern amenities and an expansive layout. Lush jungle greenery surrounds the property, flowing dramatically into blue waters with a clear view of “Los Arcos” the famous Puerto Vallarta landmark in the distance.

Perched on a hilltop with a breathtaking view of Banderas Bay, Casa Aventura is among the crown jewels of the Conchas Chinas neighborhood. Conchas Chinas is Puerto Vallarta’s exclusive mountainside community of luxury homes and villas nestled near the convergence of jungle, mountains and sea.



Thursday, February 1, 2024

Ladies Welcome Circle, Happy Hour with tapas, Swag Bag drop –  settling in for Sunset, journal and reflection



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Lisa Gritzner

A novice to retreats and intermittent yoga practitioner.


She has spent the last few years wooing like-minded fellow adventuresses, soul sisters, and growing her own bravery in the wilds of Costa Rican jungles and the pristine beaches of Panama and Mexico.

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