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Lindy is an LA native, who studied at UCSB and was raised in corporate America. She has a fierce love for her family & friends, travel, yoga and meditation.

It wasn’t until 2009 when she was searching for ways to heal her body and mind, when she ultimately discovered her soul. She has always had a love for mindfulness and excitement around how she can be a part of someone’s support system to help break mental barriers.

Lindy has been practicing yoga and meditation throughout her travels for the last two decades. During her journey of self-discovery she began to combine her passions for travel and spiritual wellness, and began creating and sharing these experiences with others. All of the paths that she has been on are focused on continued learning, empowerment, enrichment, and expansion. This lifestyle has unfolded into transformation and the ultimate freedom of mental clarity and enlightenment.

After receiving her 200 hour Tantric Yoga Certification, it felt like she came home to a part of herself that she was unaware was missing and she couldn’t wait to share this magical gift with her community. She currently teaches at Oxygen Yoga & Fitness Studio in Calabasas and Sunday afternoons are usually spent at the beach soaking up the vitamin D.

Lindy believes that rediscovery means everything. Her flow prepares you to expand your heart, intellect and emotions. The arrival of the vibrational pull has given her the strength, courage and ability to manifest her goals and ultimately share her gift with you.

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